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Your Guilty Chocolate Pleasure

27th April, 2005. 4:31 pm. I spend my time on better things

Yeah so I kind of forgot about the Livejournal thing. All of those losers on the Giants decided to join this cult and I wanted everybody to remember I was the original MLBer on LJ. I just don't get enough respect these days. Don't these people know I'm batting .409 in the last 5 games? Too bad my team sucks, although we aren't as bad as the Giants.

P.S. Hey, Michael, I'm the sexiest black man here, get it right.

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15th August, 2003. 1:17 pm. Powerful chocolatey goodness

I became really excited when I found out about this whole power outage situation in the Northeast. The Giants are in New York. That means the Giants have no power.

I am officially more powerful than Barry Bonds. I told you that it would happen sooner than never.

Current mood: horny.

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15th August, 2003. 12:32 am. No dregs of this chocolate

Hey. I'm one of those cool Major League Baseball players. Yeah, I'm only known for my name now, but one day, I'll be bigger than that Bonds dude with the dangling earring. Really, what's the deal with that earring? A little too feminine, if you get my drift. It's almost more curious than Bud Selig's toupee.

Current mood: horny.

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